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The Tailor’s Cushions for the WHP

The Tailor’s Cushions for the WHP (wet-heat processing) are quite indispensable when you need to properly perform both the in-process treatment of technological units of garments during the sewing process and the final ironing of finished garments. Using the Cushions, you can easily fashion your products in a professional and completed manner.

What kinds of the Tailor’s Cushions are available?

We offer the Tailor’s Cushions of different shape and size. Every single sewing process needs its own Cushion which helps in achieving the right result.

  • Tailor’s Ham, known as Ironing Cushion;
  • Tailor’s Ham with Strings;
  • Tailor’s Ham Small;
  • Tailor’s Square Cushion;
  • Seam Roller, known as Roll or Sausage;
  • Tailor’s Collar Croissant;
  • Tailor’s Cushion Bulb;
  • Tailor’s Cushion Hemisphere, known as Sweet Bun and Round Bar.

This tool kit is an undeniable must-have for all sewers.
The Tailor’s Cushions, also known as Bars for the WHP, are manufactured from a natural strong cloth with a double-layer outer cover. The outer cover is usually sewn from coarse calico or chintz, but it can also be made of a strong cotton cloth. The exterior part of the outer cover is manufactured from a 100% flax or woolen cloth.
Filling our Tailor’s Cushions, we use sawdust produced from broadleaved wood species — alder, birch, beech, ash tree. The sawdust from the broadleaved species is good in accumulating heat and moisture; it ensures a fast cooling of products while shaping them as required. You can learn the whole functionality of all kinds of the Cushions on the relevant product pages.