Tailor’s Boards Ukraine

The Tailor’s Boards Ukraine are high-quality tools for the wet-heat processing (WHP).

While being sewn, all garments undergo plenty of different operations, from measuring and making templates to manufacturing end products. The wet-heat processing (WHP) is a crucial part of the product manufacturing technology.

Along with the sewing operations, it is a well-done pressing (WHP) that makes a difference between self-made first-class garments and factory-made ones. To perform the pressing means not merely to iron end products, but also to press all units to be treated during the dress-making process, which implies the so called in-process pressing.

Additional accessories used for pressing can help finally fashion the product in a high-class manner.

Tailor’s boards

The Tailor’s boards belong to traditional dress-making tools.

The wooden Tailor’s boards, a steam iron and skillful hands of a sewer are enough to create a truly unique and well-sewn garment that makes its owner happy and can be worn for long.

The Tailor’s boards are used for giving shape to garments during the WHP as well as for pressing seams open or for pressing them to one side, for reducing bulky seams, for ironing whole garments as well as their areas that are difficult to reach with an iron. By means of the Tailor’s boards and through a proper ironing, it is also possible to fix the most of the common dress-making defects.

There are quite a few kinds of the Tailor's boards. All of them differ in forms and bendings, which replicate the lines of the human body. This, in return, helps sewers in ironing garments properly and quickly and – above all – with a top-level quality while achieving 100% excellent results. The Tailor’s boards are indispensable assistants and must-have tools for all sewers.

Functions of the Tailor’s boards

All Tailor’s boards have its own specific functions:

  • shaping caps of set-in sleeves;
  • shaping raglan sleeves; 
  • reducing bulky shoulder seams;
  • pressing rounded seams and caps of sleeves;
  • pressing out seams, bendings, folds;
  • pressing out collars;
  • pressing out rounded seams;
  • pressing lapels;
  • pressing bust, waist, and shoulder darts;
  • pressing sleeves;
  • pressing cuffs;
  • ironing skirts, trousers;
  • ironing pile fabrics;
  • shaping bust protuberances;
  • WHP of bra cups;
  • WHP of reliefs;
  • pressing welt seams open;
  • turning out and shaping angles;
  • flattening seams;
  • preventing allowances to be printed on the front side of the garment etc.

It is difficult to get excellent results when sewing without the Tailor’s boards. We suggest to buy the Tailor’s boards in our online store to make it easier for you to work. The Boards improve the product quality so much that you, after having tried them once, will be no longer capable of doing without them.

Manufacturing of the Tailor’s boards

Our Tailor’s boards are made only of best-quality broadleaved wood species: alder, beech, oak, and ash tree. A cold hardwood quickly absorbs steam, cools fabrics, and provides a fixed shape to the garment. Convenient in use and nice to the feel, all our Boards are manufactured with hidden fixings and smell pleasant like natural wood. All our Boards have been carefully smoothed and manually polished in 7 stages so that their surfaces are clean and even. Processing our wood, we don’t use any impregnations and wood coatings which means that the functions and the characteristics of our Tailor’s boards derive from the wood quality and wood-working techniques. All of that makes it possible to use our Tailor’s boards in work with the most delicate fabrics.

We are capable of manufacturing each Tailor’s board customized to your individual size and parameters, with using every kind of wood.

If you haven’t yet used any special tools for the WHP, don’t miss the opportunity to try them, and you will definitely enjoy the result which you will get! In our catalogue and blog you will certainly find all the necessary information about the Tailor’s boards and other products which serve to help sewers in doing their job and to make it easier for them to perform their hard work.

We are looking forward to your questions, orders, and photos with your happy faces taken after you had tried to work with our Tailor’s boards.

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